December 12, 2016  - 

Finally!! Our first trail report for the 2016-2017 season!! If the recent snow fall accumulations is any indication to the type of winter to be had its gonna be a great riding season!!

Because of the falling temerpatures and snow, our trailmaster/volunteers have opened the trails, fired up the groomer and made some passes.

Please keep in mind it's still early in the riding season and we encourage riders to proceed with exteme caution as there are some areas which have not c ompletely frozen as of yet and/or there may be debris in the trails.

Also keep in mind, lakes, ponds, streams and other bodies of water may not be completely frozen.

The following trails are open: 112 W (to 85), 81 S, 81 N to Shin Pond*, 81/85 N to Oxbow (turn around trail has been re-routed to the Snow Shoe Rd), 62 and 112 E to Island Falls.
*The trail at Upper Shin Pond has not been brushed out as of yet. One additional note: the trail from Patten to Shin Pond isn't open yet. Updates wil be posted when available.

Rockabema Snow Rangers
Trail Report

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